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Holiday Cheer… Christmas is Here! December 25, 2006

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Christmas is finally here!

While the rest of the world wake up and open up their presents, we 5 Westerners, particularly the night crew, just got home, had some breakfast… then went straight to bed. Yep, we worked Christmas eve. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. The next best thing to being home with the family is calling them up at 2400 to greet them a “Merry Christmas” and saying, “yes dear, the kids can open their presents tonight, they’ll be asleep when I get home tomorrow so, might as well.”

I could hear them rave in the background as they open their presents. The sweetest moment is when I hear my son say, “Mommy, let me talk to Daddy” then… “Thank you Daddy!” It’s moments like this that make your heart swell up and forget that you’re tired from working your b*** off. That simple present to your child which makes them so happy, to them it translates to “I Love You!”.

This reminds me of that blessed event, almost 2000 years ago, when we were given the greatest present… a Baby born in a manger, Who will someday make the ultimate sacrifice, a token of His love for all humanity. Emmanuel, “God with us”, what more can we ask for?

This holiday season, let’s not forget the true meaning behind Christmas as this verse sums it all up…

“For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16


Security… Security… Job Security?!!! December 17, 2006

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No I’m not talking about nursing. I’m talking about what happened on Saturday, December 16, 2006 as I came out of work that day.

Call it a random act of vandalism, nobody deserves this.

Imagine working all night, coming out tired, getting into your vehicle, starting the engine and getting ready to leave when you discovered that your side view mirror has been ripped off! It’s just unfortunate that this sort of thing does happen, but I’m sure it could have been prevented if we had security systems in place.

In the almost 2 years I’ve worked at MMC, I’ve never seen security as priority number 1. I discovered that there are no security vehicles patrolling the parking lot area, especially after dark. There is only one security guard stationed for the whole hospital at night, and most of the time they do not have any sort of backup. The parking lot does not have security cameras or panic buttons, and lighting is less than ideal. I’m surprise with a hospital of this size and the area we work in, security isn’t priority #1. I don’t know about you, but if you cannot leave your car at night knowing that somehow it will be intact in the morning, then I guess you can’t depend on anyone these days.

You’re probably thinking, big deal… it didn’t happen to me. Yup, but just wait… eventually a life will be taken and then what?

I’m sure our security department is working on something. But for the meantime let me propose the following:

1) Security cameras in the parking lot. Walmart does it, why can’t McAllen Medical Center. After all, we’re the Ritz-Carlton of Healthcare.

2) More security personnel especially at night. 1 in the Lobby, and 2 in the parking lot, with better security vehicles for them to patrol in.

3) Panic buttons and better lighting in strategic areas. I’ve worked at a hospital where the lighting was such that no one dare do anything stupid… like ripping of someone’s side mirror. If there was an attacker, the victim can run to a nearby panic button which emits an alarm so loud the deaf could hear it. Security can then respond to the area before something bad really happens.

4) Make security top priority. I believe that there has to be a system where we are able to know if someone belongs in the parking lot or not. No loitering should be allowed, and security should be more or less paranoid. If this was the case, I believe we can breath a little easy and know that McAllen Medical Center really cares for it’s employees. After all, if they take care of their own people, then I believe they can take care of their patients as well.

I’m hoping this sort of thing doesn’t happen to anyone, but until then, take care of yourselves. Hmmm…that 12 gauge shotgun at Hunters-R-Us suddenly looks appealing. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t fit under my scrubs!

Wise Men… find any lately? December 7, 2006

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by martinsally

It is 18 days before Christmas, and I’m sitting here having breakfast this morning when it hit me… wise men from the east. Incidentally my son is having a Christmas play next week and he’s going to play one of them… one of the wise men.

As I thought about it, it made me wonder… who were these wise men, where did they come from, and where did they go after they saw the Messiah? Could you imagine being one of them?

Picture this… you and your colleagues stumble across ancient scrolls prophesying about the coming King. God made flesh, born in a manger. After careful computations you and your colleagues discover that signs have been fulfilled and that this event will be taking place in about a month although you’ve been studying the prophecies for practically half of your life, you have an opportunity to witness it for yourself. You make haste and make preparations for the long journey that will take you to His birthplace.

After weeks of travel, you reach the place, saw the signs, and get face to face with God… Jesus in a manger, Saviour of the world. Think for a moment…

I wouldn’t be surprised if these wise men from the east left that place with changed hearts and minds. After all, how many times do you find yourself looking into the eyes of God Himself?

As I sat there at the breakfast table, I couldn’t help but wonder if we have forgotten the real meaning of Christmas… all the hustle and bustle of the season, presents to wrap, tree to decorate, food to stuff ourselves with, etc., etc… are distractions that make the season empty and meaningless.

Let’s not forget about the true meaning of Christmas…. God humbled Himself, took on human form, to save us from our sins… to save seemingly worthless human beings such as we are. He gave us everything He had through Jesus, and why? Because of love… how then can we give Him less of ourselves?