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Bad news from South of the Border July 22, 2007

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It’s been a while since I’ve made any entries to this blog. Being home alone leaves you with nothing more than piles of chores you need to take care of in between sleep and work. I’m practically asleep during the day, and awake at night thanks to working the night shift my world is now flipped. I’ve only been able to come to the computer to make this entry because I thought that it was something worth thinking about, especially that I live and work 10 minutes away from the Mexican border.

Last week it came out in the new about Iraqis being smuggled across the Mexican border specifically the Rio Grande in New Mexico. You can read the whole article from abcnews.com. Glenn Beck talked about this on CNN’s Headline news.

As I listened to his story I can’t help but wonder if this was real, or just a ploy to scare the American public about the dangers of lurking beyond our borders. I realize that immigration has been one issue that everybody has on their minds, especially with all of the immigration fiasco and protests that have taken place this past year. Being an immigrant myself I do feel for those people who came to this great nation to better their lives. However, there are gray areas where we should pay close attention to since not everyone that comes to this country has good intentions. As an example, that failed car bomb attack in Glasgow. Unfortunately you can’t predict a person’s actions or even know their motives.

If there was any merit in what was on the news, then I think something has to be done to secure our borders before another 9/11 happens. According to the news article, the human smuggling operation decided to smuggle middle Easterners because there were more lucrative charging about $20 – 25K per individual smuggled in. Fortunately (or unfortunately) all these are allegations and there has been “no viable information that could lead to a case.” I just hope it doesn’t happen elsewhere along the Rio Grande Valley. Well, what can I say but, these are the signs of the times. I guess lawmakers should start to tighten the noose on the illegal immigration problem. It’s that word “illegal” that is most troublesome. It’s not immigration, it’s “illegal” immigration that is a problem.

For all it’s worth, America is no doubt, the greatest nation on earth and it is no wonder that people want to come here. We need to know how to admit the right kind of people, and this will surely take time. For now, let’s just secure our borders. Maybe a wall can be built along the river. It will be a great undertaking, nevertheless a necessary one. Hey, if China can build a wall that stood the test of time and can even be seen from outer space, can’t the greatest nation on earth do the same thing?


Mellow yellow… you reap what you sow! July 8, 2007

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I had the privilege of taking care of a 40+ year old man who came to the ICU with low sodium among other things. As they wheeled him in I can’t help but notice his skin complexion. He reminded me of those Blue Men Group members, except his color was yellow.

My patient apparently had been drinking a bottle of vodka since he was 17! A co-worker of mine upon hearing that exclaimed, “wow, does he still have a liver?” Apparently not… at least not in good working condition. His liver is shot from all the years of drinking. Now he’s in a hospital bed, in pain, yellow as the sun, with a whole bunch of problems including renal shutdown. Family pouring at the bedside hoping for a liver transplant. What can I say?

It’s truly sad to see people suffer like this, especially when family is around to try to ease the pain and comfort them. You see his mother and father come in, his daughter, sisters, and girlfriend, all staying at the bedside as much as visiting hours would allow, here to make sure he’s going to be OK. Sad… but where were they when he had his health, drinking his liver away? I guess we pay the price later on when we abuse our bodies like this.

As I gave report at the end of my shift my colleague said something I’m sure you’re familiar with. It’s about sowing and reaping. It reminds me of this passage in the Bible that states, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” (Galatians 6:7). Yes my friends, the Good Book is still the Good Book, after all these years the message is still relevant today. My patient’s only hope is a miracle. In a situation as bleak as his, who knows, it’s in God’s hands what the outcome will be.

As I left that day his girlfriend comes in early in the morning before visiting hours to check in on him. She asked me how he was doing. I tell her that he’s a lot better than yesterday, at least today he remembered my name for some reason. She tells me, “yes, he likes you as his nurse, he’s been telling me that you’re doing a good job taking care of him.” I wish I could do more, I can see that his family loves him dearly. Unfortunately it is up to the individual to change his ways before it is too late. So my friends, be good to yourself and sow good seeds, because one day the harvest will come and you’ll be glad you did! 🙂

Happy 4th of July! July 4, 2007

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Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

It’s been a year now (actually since July 1st, 2006) since 5 West opened up shop and started blogging. A lot has changed over the year, some folks that used to work at 5 West aren’t there anymore (me included). Then recently I just heard that our night shift pillar, “Nikon Joe” has left the building. After a few months of speculation and hearing stuff from the grapevine, he has finally moved on to bigger and better things. It’s sad to see people leave, but then that’s life. So to Nikon Joe, wherever life takes you, we want to wish you good luck!

As we celebrate the 4th of July, I hope we don’t forget to say a prayer of thanks to God for the freedom we enjoy, as well as say a prayer for our troops that are overseas at the moment fighting for our freedom. I can’t imagine what they are going through to be away from their families. It doesn’t compare to the separation I feel right now, i.e., my family is in California enjoying the fireworks at the Rose Bowl while I’m here in Texas working. Could you imagine our troops worlds apart from their families? Please remember them.

Whatever you do on this 4th of July, I hope you stay safe and enjoy yourself. As for me… it’s a date with my laptop watching Mythbusters. Exciting huh? 🙂