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Are Wii Fit yet? May 25, 2008

Posted by 5 Wester in General Announcements.
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It used to be when kids came home, they smell like sweat dried in the sun. I remember my mom would drag us to the bathroom after a long summer day’s workout as a kid… you know, running, biking, tree climbing, etc. These days are different, thanks to video games, TV, and the Internet, instead of smelly, sweaty, kids, we find them in the living room, motionless, eyes glued to the TV, thumbs busy pressing buttons, fingers clicking the mouse. It’s no wonder that we are experiencing a childhood obesity epidemic here in the United States. We have grown into a nation of couched potatoes. Fortunately at least, one game console manufacturer has thought of an ingenious way for us to enjoy a video game, as well as get active at the same time. Meet, the Wii!

You’ve probably heard about it when it first came out. Instead of using your thumbs and fingers to control the game, you actually use your whole body. For example, there is a game called Wii Sport, where you can actually play a round of tennis. You need to swing your arm as though you’re actually hitting a ball to control the game. The latest addition to this awesome console is called Wii Fit. The game comes with a balance board that tracks your body posture as well as measures your weight. It even measures your BMI like you see above. (That’s me by the way). Interestingly enough, the game takes baseline measurements such as BMI, posture, balancing ability, etc., then calculates your Wii age based on your physical ability. I’m proud to say my Wii age reflects my actual age.

There are four categories of physical activities you can actually engage in such as strength training, yoga, aerobics, and balancing games. Overall I can say that the game is worth the $89 we paid for. Eighty-nine dollars may seem a lot considering our current economy, however, I think its a small price to pay compared to the long term benefits it has to offer. 

I don’t usually endorse video games, however, if you’re in the market for a game console for your kids, I highly recommend that you consider getting a Wii. It may not be a replacement for good old outdoor fun, however, it would be a good start and a great investment on your family’s health. 🙂


Dear ICU Nurse… May 20, 2008

Posted by 5 Wester in General Announcements.
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I am your patient today. I’m 24 years old and lucky to be under your care. You see, I wouldn’t have ended up in the ICU if the cops weren’t chasing me. I tried to rob a day care center, in the middle of the day, while the kids were still there. I threatened the owner’s life in the process, however, he managed to call the cops on me… so I ran.

On my way out I realized that my stash of cocaine would eventually be found so I had it for lunch. I’m not sure how much of it I ate, it would have probably lasted me for a week but I had no choice… been in jail too many times before because of this. Man what a trip… so high I passed out on my way to the police station. Ironically, it took 6 officers to subdue me during the chase… now I’m in a coma. I’m intubated, sedated, non-responsive and flaccid… talk about dead weight. Thanks for the bath by the way…I appreciate you breaking your back to give me quality care.

I don’t know how long I’ll be here. If I’m lucky and didn’t stroke out yet, I’ll probably be dismissed in a few days. Even so, I’m glad you’re my nurse because I know you’ll treat me well. You’ll turn me every 2 hours to keep me from developing pressure sores. You’ll monitor my vitals every hour. You’ll clean me up when I poop. You’ll give me my meds on time. You’ll do everything for me that I can’t do for myself to get me well soon so I can be in court and plead “not guilty”. Then after a few months of jail time, I’ll be out again, and when I’m out, I can go back doing what I do best… cocaine!

Thank you ICU nurse… I know I’ll be out of here soon. You’ll help me get my strength back. We might meet someday, but you may not recognize me. I hope not… it might be your house that I break into next. Thank you again!


Your patient