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Caring moments? August 10, 2008

Posted by 5 Wester in General Announcements.

There’s been a series of inservice meetings held for our hospital’s new “gig” called “Caring Moments”. I’ve always wondered what they were since I’ve never attended any of the meetings (waste of time in my opinion), however, it was apparently clear to me that the geniuses behind this latest, greatest, nonesense wasn’t using their noodle.

Initially I thought it was the hospitals way of improving quality of care by holding a series of attitude adjustment inservices. After all, we all do need some sort of attitude adjustment especially since the management couldn’t figure out a way to instill this in us through good example, they figured why not mandate it. Boy was I wrong! I came to work and noticed blue sheets of paper stuck by the patient’s door. The title read “Caring Moments Log”.

What are “Caring Moments”? Simply put, added paperwork to an already hectic schedule to decrease perceived liability and increase employee disatisfaction. We have to log every time we enter a patient’s room as well as what we did for the patient. Can any tell me what nurses notes are for?

I guess a better way to do “Caring Moments” is to do away with it altogether and leave the nurses to do what they do best. Hey, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  When you’re busy caring for your patient, the log is the last thing on your mind! If management is really into this nonesense, maybe corporate can send someone down here with a clipboard and a bunch of Caring Moments Log sheets and log it themselves. Nevertheless, orders are orders and we have no choice but to watch this great plan fade into oblivion!

A week pass and guess what… the blue sheets are gone. Just like anything else that management “implements”, it doesn’t last forever. It’s kinda hard to continue something like this especially when they themselves couldn’t keep up with the demand of replacing the logs when they get filled up. I’d really like to help them out whenever they need to “solve” problems, however, I’d hate to be surrounded by idiots… hey, I just work here, right? 🙂