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Politically correct 101: Call it anything but March 31, 2009

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It’s official, the “war on terror” is over. Our president in his infinite wisdom suggests that calling it the “war on terror” offends people, so, to show the whole world how weak America has become, we call the “war on terror”, “overseas contingency plan”.

That’s sad because growing up, my perception of America was this big brother with strong shoulders who fought for freedom, coming to the aid of those who are too weak to defend themselves, fighting those who threaten to destroy what America stands for. So much for calling it the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. If the president himself cannot stand up and call evil by its right name, who will?

How about you? 🙂


Be a Democrat 101: Foundational Teaching March 29, 2009

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There is no doubt that we are living in tough economic and political times. Most experts are saying that we are headed for a depression. Others say, we’re headed towards socialism. Yet most say it’s all Bush’s fault. Regardless of what you believe, I believe there is no greater time to be a Democrat.

You see, Democrats have had control of Congress for the last 2 years and much more now since the last presidential election. With all the proposed spending, our president, with the bidding or the speaker of the house as well as other interest groups that helped him get into office, has clearly shown us that he is ready and willing to drive the country into the ground blaming the previous administration for the mess we’re in. It’s like blaming the last shift nurse for not doing their job. Nevertheless, to be a Democrat, you need to master a few things. Here are a few fundamental core values of being a Democrat:

1) When things go well claim all the credit. When it doesn’t just say “we’re all in this together” because it’s about America.

2) If the proposed solution clearly wouldn’t work or is void of common sense, blame the Republicans for not coming up with an “alternative”.

3) If Republican’s proposes an “alternative” that could possibly work or solves the problem, just reject it and remind them who won the last election.

4) If Republican’s reject a proposal, just tell them they are “un-American”.

5) Don’t work hard. The government will spread the wealth around.

6) Don’t pay your taxes unless you’re up for cabinet appointment.

7) Democrats are perfect… it’s always someone else that makes a mistake.

Now if everyone was a Democrat, wouldn’t you think we’ll be living in a perfect world?

VIP… very important patient March 25, 2009

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As I come to work today someone had told me that our big boss (aka director) is a patient on the 7th floor. “No way” I said. “You better believe it” said my co-worker. I did a quick search and sure enough, her name appeared (HIPAA, what HIPAA?).

It turns out that our boss was going for some type of sugery in the morning. Hmmm I hope she doesn’t end up in the ICU. But then again maybe she should end up in our unit… after all, she runs the place and maybe, just maybe, she’ll find out for herself the frustrations we as nurses have to go through. I could only imagine it right now…

Boss patient: “Nurse I need my pain medication STAT.”

Nurse: “Sorry boss, the pharmacy hasn’t profiled it yet. I already called 3 times and the Pyxis doesn’t have it. Don’t worry, it’s only been two hours since I scanned the order, they usually have it after the third hour.”

nolinenBoss patient: “I want a bath.”

Nurse: “Sorry boss, you’ll have to wait, we didn’t have towels and wash cloths when we started our shift. The morning shift used it all up and didn’t bother to replenish them. Do you mind if I used pillow cases or top sheets instead?”

Boss patient: “Nurse, my dressing needs to be changed.”

nosuppliesNurse: “Ok boss, but can that wait until the morning? Our supply room is lacking supplies. Apparently the morning shift used up all the 4×4 gauze, abdominal pads, and tape without replenishing them. The hospital central supplies department closes at 5 p.m. Besides, no one has bothered to order supplies for the last 2 days, oh yeah, it was the weekend. Actually, the supplies did come, but they just stack the boxes instead of stocking the selves. Do you mind waiting a couple hours while I search for them in those boxes?”

I don’t know about you, but we nurses are supposed to be the company’s “front line soldiers” when it comes to providing care and representing customer service. Problem is, how can we do that if support services like central supplies, pharmacy, or even labs don’t back us up. Regardless of who dropped the ball, it is always the nurses’ fault when patient’s care gets delayed. Is it fair? Definitely not! Does it happen everywhere? No!

I came from a hospital that is well stocked, well supported, and well managed. Pharmacy delivers the meds within 15-30 min, not hours. Time lab draws get done… on time, and central supply rooms are always stocked, just like shelves at Walmart. And to top it of, it was a non-profit community hospital to say the least. Here at MMC, we make profit… on the expense of either the patient, or the nurse. I don’t think even the CEO cares about what is going on in the front line as long as the numbers are right. What ever happened to the “Service Excellence” ideals that we’ve heard about during our orientation?

Despite this I can say that in my 4 years of working here, it has been a lot better. I can say that this hospital is a lot better from when I first started here because of the fact that I’m here!

Patients are treated right because I treat them right…

Things get done because I make sure it gets done…

Equipment gets fixed because I make sure it does, and when they don’t, I just write my director up. She’s bound to listen. 😉

Overall, I think this place could improve a lot more and I know it will. How can it not, I’m here! Fortunately for MMC, I’m not the kind of nurse that bends over and take it up where the sun don’t shine. I’m sure you’ll do the same thing. But then again, I’m 5 Wester, and you’re not! 🙂

WALLaroos Blues March 7, 2009

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If you’re a nurse, I’m sure you’ve seen one of these… you know, those things that seem to jump out of nowhere when you’re not looking while you make your way down the hall. They’re also known as WALLaroos.  (Little did I know that a wallroo  is actually an animal a little smaller than a kangaroo and a little larger than a wallaby.)

holesWell, the WALLaroos at our hospital litterally jump out of sight. I came in the other day and all you find are four patched holes on the wall, a tell tale sign that marked where they once were. When I asked a colleague what happened, he told us an interesting story…

As the day progressed, the relative quiet was broken by a crashing sound coming from down the hall. Upon doing a quick survey of the area, they found a doctor, someone well known in our hospital, on the floor, unconscious, with a WALLaroo beside him. He was apparently making rounds and was writing his progress notes on one of those things when he leaned forward and ripped it off the wall, hitting him on the head and knocking him unconscious, according to witnesses. Frantically 5 women nurses rushed to his aide, all of them probably hoping to give him CPR my colleague said. He was then taken to the ER for further evaluation and treatment. I guess in an effort to please the doctor, the hospital took all the WALLaroos out the following day. I wonder if they’d do the same if it happened to a nurse. I’m sure they would, but then again nurses are liabilities, doctors are assets, and therefore, they could care less about the nurse.

I’m just glad these occupational hazards are out of service. I know a few nurses that have been sent to the ER for sustaining minor injuries because of these things, especially when left half closed. It’s just sad that it had to take a “high profile” doctor to get hurt before the hospital decides that WALLaroos have to go. But then again, thanks to this doctor’s sacrifice, the rest of us wouldn’t have to. Way to go doctor… way to go! 🙂