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10 Years of Marital Bliss… November 30, 2009

Posted by 5 Wester in General Announcements.

Today marks my 10th year wedding anniversary to the one I love… my Sweetie. After 10 years of putting up with me, we’re still together. I guess you can say love is truly blind… for the most part, I don’t see anything in me that would want anyone to spend the rest of their life with. Of course, she always tells me that she has a feeling I’d be a millionaire someday, “why do you think I’m still here?” she asks with a smirk on her face. ūüôā Well, I hope her hunch is right. With this economy, I’m sure we could all use some extra Benjamins.

Kidding aside, 10 years of marital bliss seem like a fleeting moment. I still remember the day we met… I was director of nurses for a 99 bed skilled nursing facility in Pasadena, she was a shy applicant for the job of receptionist. I wasn’t interested in her initially, however, as you spend time with people at work, you get to know them. Ten years and 4 kids later, we’re still here. And, although I’d say the road was very tough (particularly for her), by God’s grace, and only by God’s grace, we are still together. There were times when it would seem like our differences were irreconcilable, even to the point of no return… to the point of giving up and throwing in that “D” word (which came up a few times), however, through thick and thin we stuck to what was right, and God honored our commitment to each other.¬†God gave us the¬†grace to humble ourselves, to forgive one another, and to say, “Lord, in your hands, we commit our marriage.” I’m sure glad we did.

In my¬†observation, I’d say the average marriage in America¬†lasts around 3 – 7 years. Almost the same amount of time as an average boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Experts say that if you reach your 7th year, the likelihood of you staying married together are greater than if you don’t… duh?! Of course you can still split up after 7 years… they just say that statistically, most people past 7 years are most likely to stay together. Statistics aside, as you get older together, you find satisfaction in counting the years… at least for me and my Sweetie… assuming¬†you make your¬†marriage a little heaven on earth.

On that note… don’t buy the third ring when you get married. I’m sure you’ve heard the three rings you give or get in a marriage:

  1. the Engagement Ring…
  2. the Wedding Ring…
  3. the Suffer Ring!


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