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Just 5 Years Old Today! January 3, 2010

Posted by 5 Wester in General Announcements.

Today marks my 5th year of serving the people of McAllen, TX at MMC. Wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun.

It’s been 5 years since the first day of orientation at MMC. I remember the first time I entered into that orientation classroom. I thought “this is going to be great”, at first. The people here seem to be friendly enough, and they seem to have great attitudes. Well, I was wrong once my classroom orientation days were over and I had to step onto the Telemetry floor for the first day of clinical orientation. Boy was that an eye opener. People had cr*ppy attitudes and the SERVICE EXCELLENCE scam was just it… a scam. I’ve never seen anything like this before. They told us that MMC was the Ritz-Carlton of healthcare… not so… one patient even said “the service is better at Motel 6”. SERVICE EXCELLENCE? What SERVICE EXCELLENCE? Is there such a thing? Well, that was 5 years ago. It’s different now because I’m here!

In the last 5 years, I would say that this place, McAllen and MMC, is a lot better because I’M HERE! Pharmacy services is better because I’M HERE! Patients appreciate the nursing care they receive because I’M HERE! My co-workers have better attitudes because I’M HERE! Well, it also helped when those that had cr*ppy attitudes left, all because, you’ve guessed it, I’M HERE! Heck, even OPUS, the Rolls Royce of EMR (they said) is better because, (everyone together now), I’M HERE!… I’M HERE, I’M HERE, I’M HERE, and that’s why, in the last 5 years, this place is better because I’M HERE!

Now, before you start saying, “Humbug!”, let me ask you this… Is the place you’ve worked for the last 5, 10 or 15 years better becuase YOU’RE THERE?, or did it take a turn for the worse because YOU’RE THERE? Did your co-workers find the workplace better because YOU’RE THERE? Or do they dread coming to work because YOU’RE THERE? Do your patients prefer your hospital because YOU’RE THERE? Or would they rather jump off a bridge because YOU’RE THERE? If you can answer yes to the first set of questions then I guess you need to take a look at yourself and do some deep down soul searching. As for me, I know the place I’m at is better because I’M HERE!

Egos aside, I’m sure if you’re like me, you’re proud to be where you are. Nevertheless, nothing lasts forever, and nothing is more permanent in this world than change. So I guess after 5 years of serving the people of McAllen at MMC, it’s time to move on. Unfortunately, job searching is not as easy as it sounds. With the projected 800,000 nursing jobs available, I’m surprised to find that even jobs in the Rio Grande Valley for nurses are in short supply. I don’t know if hospitals don’t hire people because they don’t know them, or that they are not really desperate for nurses at this time. All I know is, I’ve applied at several area hospitals and I would still have to hear from them. As far as I know, I guess this is God’s ways of telling me, “Your work at MMC is not done yet, I’ve got greater plans for you”. Or, His way of saying, “I’m not done working on you at MMC yet, so stay put until you learn your lesson”. Either way, I’m thankful I have my job at MMC. What lesson He is trying to teach me, I still have to figure out. One thing’s for sure, He is teaching me patience… and that my friend is the hardest lesson of all in my opinion. 🙂



1. Kim - January 21, 2010

What a fantastic post! : )
Good luck in your job search!
And I hope my workplace is better because “I’M THERE!” : )

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