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Happy 35th Birthday Sweetie! October 13, 2010

Posted by 5 Wester in General Announcements.
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My Sweetie turned 35 today. Could you believe it? There’s nothing like spending the rest of the day celebrating with the one you love. Fortunately for me I was off today, however, I did work the night before so we had to ditch the grand celebration for a quiet one at a local restaurant.

I remember when I turned 35 my Sweetie told me, “you’re getting old”. I told her, “yes I am, however, like wine I get better with age”. ¬†As always, in life there are some things you can’t control, like aging, however, you can control how you age by getting better through the years. Today was a day for us to look back an see how we’ve grown… and believe me, we’ve grown a whole lot… and no, I”m not talking about packing the pounds, although it seems like the older we get, the bigger we get, doesn’t it?

Oh well, I guess you can’t have it all…. At least my Sweetie was able to get her cake and eat it too!


It’s been a while… October 5, 2010

Posted by 5 Wester in General Announcements.
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Oh my word… time flies when you’re having fun!

Can’t believe its been 4 months since my last post and a lot has happened ever since. I guess I’ll have to do some “catching up” since I’ve been experiencing life “more abundantly” these past few months. Can’t wait to tell you about the new EMR rollout that just happened this week at our hospital. I was, unfortunately, cancelled by mistake and missed that first day when they “went live”, however, I’ll have the opportunity tomorrow as I come back from a 3 day off streak.

In the meantime, I’d like to invite you to check out the new single we released some time in September (Yes, I do play the keyboards when I’m not busy taking care of patients). I arranged and produced the music while Lester Sto Nino, a 15-year, played the saxophone. You can purchase your copy from Amazon or iTunes by clicking on the links below:





I find this song very relaxing after a hectic 12-hour shift. Please do get a copy today! Till next time, God bless!