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Can you believe it? July 31, 2018

Posted by 5 Wester in General Announcements.
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It’s been 7 years since the last post on this blog!!! Let’s get caught  up shall we? Here’s a summary of what transpired in the last 7 years…

I grew up… as an individual and a nurse. I got older… I’m 46 now and have a dash of pepper in my hair, although most of my colleagues say I look the same when we meet each other again after so many years. I left the crew of 5 West and took the twists and turns of the road. After leaving 5 West I worked in the ICU for a couple of years, then at another hospital in hopes of being part of the EMR launch team. Took a night shift job at a local LTACH as a PRNer, then a full timer, then eventually transitioned to the Infection Control Nurse position working days now, and after a few more years ended up as the Director of Quality for an LTACH. While all of this is happening, Obama ended his 8 years in office, Trump got elected in a landslide, ISIS got defeated, the country got divided, snowflakes started popping up, people are still confused on which restroom to use, and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA is still in the news. Wow… what a journey. Quite frankly in all of this I can hardly recognize myself, let along the country. We are living in interesting times, and like the saying goes, “It’s good to be alive!”.

For those of you who followed this blog, thank you! I apologize for the disappointment and the absence for all those years. Life has a way of sucking the life out of you, but they were good growing years. Social media has changed a whole lot and things aren’t as thy used to be. I’m sure some of us have made money from our blogs. I haven’t, and I really don’t care, but as thoughts enter my head and I reflect, so will the pages be filled. Looking back I saw this young, passionate, naive, green horn of a nurse who just wanted the best for his patients, 5 or 6 patients at a time. I’ve changed… hopefully for the better… because now I’m older, have more experience, and in charge of system wide quality of care. I do still have that passion in me that wants the best for my patients, but this time, I’m in a position to effect real change. I just thank the Lord for answered prayers, and the opportunity to serve Him in a different capacity. The frolicking days of youth are over and I’ve moved on to serious matters, nevertheless, I find humor in them once in a while, and this is what I hope I could convey. Thank you again and happy reading!