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This 5 West Nursing blog site was created by Query Yoki and the staff 5 West, a 36-bed Medical Telemetry unit in South Texas.

In essence, it is the 5 West cool and innovative communication board where 5 West staffers can keep in touch with each other, encourage one another, discuss issues and share ideas, brainstorm, or just be plain silly. Check out this fine piece of BR literature:

Unit of the Month (June)
by Annonymous

5 West is the Best!

North, south, east or west,

No matter where you look in any given direction,

5 West is giving care close to perfection!

(Would the author please stand up and be recognized. Now that may sound cheezier than a bag of Cheetos, but it sure tastes mighty good!)

We are the staff of 5 West, and this is what’s on our mind. It is a place where we can relax, unwind, and be informed. We take pride in 5 West, and we’re proud of our work.



1. Am De Leon - March 12, 2008

Hi! I added your link to mine. Happy blogging and more power!

2. Sophie - October 3, 2008

I’m Sophie and I have blog http://cookingnurse.blogspot.com/. There are recipes that I make for my family in my free time.

Can we do link exchange? I already put your blog https://5west.wordpress.com/ to my blogroll. Add me too?


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