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Rules of Engagement

Thank you for taking time to know what the Rules of Engagements are. These are general guidelines that we should all adhere to when participating in this blog. This will insure that all participants will have a pleasant time, and that everything is kept to the absolute highest standard.

Please note, that all opinions expressed are views of the individual authors and does not reflect the views of 5 West as a whole. These rules can change at any time without prior notice.

The Rules

1. Posts are your own opinions. You are responsible for what you post. Posts are subject to the approval of the moderator before they are finally published. Any inappropriate postings will be subject to disciplinary action such as, (but not limited to), forever narcotic counts (for RNs), floating to 7E even when it’s not your turn, internet use ban (ouch!), or linen deprivation, etc, etc… OK just kidding, but the first 3 statements hold true.

2. Pleasant remarks, greetings, encouragement, and positive comments are more than welcome. The opposite of such will not even see the light of day. Let’s build up the 5 West team.

3. Always keep an open mind. As you know… “The mind, like a parachute, only works when it is open!” We’re all adults, we can take it like adults.

4. Have fun and enjoy!

The Stuff of 5 West



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