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Welcome to the 5 West Nursing blog site!

We are delighted that you can join us today. Please feel free to express yourself and share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, or whatever is on your mind (lets just keep it nice, clean, and no hitting below the belt please)*

If you are a 5 West staff member, this place is your place! Now is your chance to be heard, to rise up, to be noticed, to make a difference, to be yourself, to share, to care, and most of all, to go where no nursing unit has gone before!

I guess this poem sums it all:

5 West Nursin’ Goes a Bloggin’
by The Blogger of 5 West

Let us know what’s on your mind. Make a difference for blog-kind.

Share your joys, share your pains, share your loses share your gains.

Share your recipe for home made pie, Or what you’ll do this 4th of July.

Be it great, be it small. There is something for one and all!

So why wait, ’till it’s too late. Let us all participate.

In this thing called 5 West Bloggin’, Nothin’s better than workin’ your noggin’

(Ok, wasn’t that the lamest piece of literature yet?)

Anyhoo…what are you waiting for? Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s start a bloggin!

*Note: Please read our Rules of Engagement to have a pleasant blogging experience. Thank you!


1. elmer - October 2, 2006

nice…. wonderful !

best regards,

2. motherjones-rn - February 11, 2007

I just found your blog and I love it. Keep writing.


3. SN Pinoy - November 16, 2007

hi, i found ur blog while reading nursereview.org , i’d like to exchange links with you if that’s ok, i’ll put you in my blogroll right after i take my nursing management exams today hehe. happy blogging! – http://snpinoy.blogspot.com

4. pinaydreamer - April 11, 2008

I also found your blog from a pinoyblog. Your posts are so true and so close to where Im at . Hope those still waiting to come here read your posts to lessen the shock they will experience once they get here. I guess you ll be hearing from more nurses from now. Carry on, and good job.curiouspinaynurse

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